Anonymous Counseling

Anonymous Counseling can be done by phone sessions. As an international Life Coach, I work with many individuals who are in high positions or have celebrity status which inhibits their desire to open up to anyone because of confidentiality. Of course, for all of my clients, confidentiality and privacy is of utmost concern for me. For some individuals, privacy is taken one step further in not disclosing who they are or what position they hold in their career. 

I am here to do the work of helping people create the life they are looking for. No matter what your stature or what your reasoning for seeking Anonymous Counseling, I am here to be helpful in any way I can.* Your happiness is my priority, no matter who you are and why you are seeking counseling.

I require a non-refundable $500 retainer to set an appointment which can be paid by your choice of payment method. This amount covers the first two hours of Life Coaching and Counseling. Please note that name information is not required for various payment methods.

Get in touch today for further information.

*Under some circumstances of abuse, neglect, or self-harm, I do not take responsibility for safety, but I will do my very best to provide you with information and direction to ensure everyone's safety. Under extreme circumstances, I reserve the right to discontinue services as I see necessary without issuing a refund.